Perfect Boiler Water Pumps
Liquid metals like molten tin and molten silicon

The gears were custom-manufactured by way of a commercial supplier and modified in Henry’s lab while in the Carbon Neutral Energy Solutions (CNES) Lab at Georgia Tech. That researchers used an external items pump, which uses rotating gear teeth to suck inside liquid tin and push it out of an outlet.

Liquid metals like molten tin and molten silicon may be useful in thermal storage in addition to transfer, but until now, engineers didn’t have pumps and pipes that can withstand such extreme temperatures. Ceramic materials can withstand the heat, but they may be brittle—and many researchers felt they couldn’t be utilised in mechanical applications like pumps.

Addressing yet another challenge, the researchers used another high-temperature material—graphite—to form the seals in the pump, piping and joints.Energy energy, fundamental to power generation and many industrial processes, is most valuable at high temperatures because entropy—which can make thermal energy unavailable for conversion—declines on higher temperatures.

Asegun Henry, the assistant professor in Georgia Tech’s Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, and graduate student Caleb Amy—the paper’s first author—decided to challenge that assumption by attempting to make a ceramic pump. The pump operates from a nitrogen environment to prevent oxidation at the extreme temperatures.

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